The American made a motorcycle house on wheels

It is worth noting that MotoHome is the graduation project of Jeremy Carmen, a senior student at the School of Architecture at the University of Southern California. In the idea of ​​Carmen, in order to collect a camper, you need to mount the superstructure with a bed instead of the rear part of the motorcycle.
For this "native" pendulum is replaced by a unique one, which is twice as long. At the core, the student used the Honda CB road bike, but supplemented it with a more sturdy front fork from the cross Honda CR500.
Jeremy Carmen is raising funds for the project through the GoFundMe's crowfinding service. To date, of the five thousand dollars that are needed for the construction of a camper, about 2700 dollars have been collected. The first prototype has already been created.
According to Carmen, the insulated residential module has a weight of only 16 kilograms, which will not have a strong influence on the handling of the motorcycle. A sub-frame, the base on which the "sleeping bag" is mounted, at the same time is the capacity for the products.
Upon completion of the construction of the two-wheel motorhome, the student intends to test it on a trip to South America. He intends to get on a motorcycle to the southernmost tip of the continent. The author of the project promised to constantly conduct live broadcasts from his journey.

What oil do you need for a scooter

Lubricants, the purpose of which is to ensure the performance of the motor and gearbox, differ in component composition, viscosity index and other important physical and technical characteristics.

Engine oil

Scooter engines, originally only two-stroke, in modern mototechnics have invariant principles of work. On the mobile city transport, four-stroke engines are increasingly installed, especially in the technology released in China.
The principle of lubrication of the bearings of the crankshaft and the cylinder-piston system, in motors with two and four cycles of operation, is very different.
The closed design of the grease of the contacting elements of the four-stroke engine assumes the pouring of lubricants, the physical and technical parameters of which guarantee a long period of operation without loss of their main properties. In scooters with two-stroke engines, high performance results, on the contrary, give oils that can burn in the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine without generating excessive volumes of soot components. The oil for the scooter during combustion should not be accompanied by a large amount of emitted smoke.
The oil viscosity index should ensure the preservation of its qualities at a positive air temperature.
What oil to pour into a scooter with a four-stroke engine? The answer is quite simple – the one recommended by the powerplant manufacturer. However, the Chinese scooters common today are equipped with motors that are built far beyond the Celestial.
Motors dropped from production in Japan or the US 10-15 years ago, as well as engines of Korean production. It is rather difficult to find in the constantly updated nomenclature series of lubricants exotics of a decade ago. In this case, you need to follow a fairly simple rule. A good scooter oil should ensure the formation of a tight separation film under conditions that accompany the use of the engine. These conditions include:

  • ambient temperature
  • level of the constantly acting load on the unit
  • the life of the internal combustion engine.

Scooters are used mainly in the warm season. While the viscosity that the lubricant must be filled with, must guarantee the retention of the parameters only at a positive or slightly negative ambient temperature. According to the SAE classification, these groups include oils of class 5W30, 10W40 and 10W50. It is these oils that recommend the use of most manufacturers and experienced users for four-cycle scooters.
Two-stroke scooter motors can be lubricated in two ways. The first method is the standard lubrication for most of these engines, preliminarily dissolved in gasoline with oil.
Today, the engines have a separate injection of oil and fuel into the space behind the carburetor. The next way is much more rational. In addition to reducing the consumption of lubricant, the motor operates under more favorable conditions for the combustion of the fuel mixture. In conditions of idle rotation, the proportion of the mixture of oil and fuel reaches 1: 200.
However, the general rule for any operating conditions of a two-stroke ICE should be oil, which is marked with the 2T index. The process of separate supply of oil and fuel requires an instant and qualitative mixing of the components. Therefore it makes sense to use lubricants that have the label "self mix", meaning independent and rapid mixing with the gasoline-air mixture.
According to API classification, the lubricant is selected from the TA or TV classes, because it is suitable for use in two-stroke scooters , mopeds and garden equipment.

Transmission oil

Today, scooters practically do not find a gearbox in its traditional sense – with a manual mechanical switching system. The speed control, which the engine transmits to the wheels, is carried out by variators of different design. The variator system assumes the addition of the transmission of scooters with reducers.
There is no need to use additional additives, because in the composition of high-quality gear oils there is a full complex of additives gears needed to provide effective lubrication, full
How much oil is in the scooter? There is no unequivocal answer to this question, each scooter needs a different amount of oil, however, applying the golden rule, one can know the volume of the necessary oil.After draining all the oil from the crankcase, its volume The amount of oil to be poured should be equal to the volume drained plus 3-5% In the case of a new scooter, you can not add 3-5%, but fill as much as it was drained.

Motorcycles Izh revive in the electric version

The authors of the project claim that motorcycles are their own project. However, the skeptics noticed a rather serious similarity between the novelty and the Chinese motorcycle Bashan BS250.
Similar sizes and sizes differ from the "Chinese" only because of minor design changes – after all, the layout of the electric motorcycle is not the same as in the classical version.
Indirectly the fact of copying is confirmed by the fact that the company that produced original motorcycles IZH "died" back in 2008.
It should be noted that the IZH power unit is a brushless DC electric motor from the Chinese company Golden M otor, which has a "maximum 30-minute power" of 15 kW, and the batteries are of three types: lithium-ferrophosphate, lithium-ion or lithium-polymer. One main battery is located above the motor, and one or two additional batteries are in the trunks.
The developers said that such motorcycles will appear on the streets this year: from 50 to 60 such motorcycles will be used on the streets during the World Cup .

What are filters for motorcycles

Today, the motorbike offers many options for oil and air filters for various motor vehicles. In this article we will try to understand what kinds of filters exist and what they are needed for.

Air filters

Everyone knows that in the engine of a motorcycle, in the course of its operation, not only gasoline burns, but a mixture of gasoline and air The correct proportion is prepared by the carburettor. Without access to oxygen, gasoline can not catch fire. In the event that the fuel, before entering the motor, passes through a fine fuel filter, the air filter cleans the air. Without an air filter, the air cleaning will not be complete and the dust entering the engine will cause premature wear.
The air filter for the zero resistance motorcycle is tuned to its technique. These types of filters increase engine power, since the motor "breathes" more freely, and it does not need to overcome air resistance at the inlet. However, these filters do a poor job of filtering air, therefore, the motor wears out more rapidly. Thus, it is advisable to use "zero-point" filters only on sports equipment, when you need to win the competition, and the engine resource goes to the background.
Another function of the motor is to reduce the engine's volume level. Masters who often disassemble the body of an air filter of a motorcycle know that its device is not as simple as it seems at first glance. In the case there are cameras and partitions. In fact, the filter housing is specifically designed in such a way as to take part in damping the sound of the engine, together with the silencer.
What kind of air filter can be used on a motorcycle? There are several types of air filters:

  • foam filters that are impregnated with oil. Similar filters for motorcycles are used for vehicles that are in dirty conditions. The oil is used for filtration. Foam is used only for support and as a base for oil. For proper operation of the filter, the foam must be impregnated with oil. To clean the filter, it must be rinsed several times with solvent and squeezed out before drying
  • fabric filters. These air filters are made of special fabric, namely – from gauze, which is located inside the metal case. Such filters are well proven in the process of operation, they guarantee a good airflow. The filter is also filled with oil. To clean it you need to use soap and water. Do not forget to dry it well before lubricating with oil. With proper care, the filter will last you a long time
  • paper filters. Such filters for motorcycles are used mainly for street motorcycles. However, their work stops after getting wet. Any moisture falling on the filter, contributes to the loss of efficiency, which is restored after drying. Their cleaning is carried out by blowing air through the ventilation holes or folded valves.

Oil filters

After changing the oil and buying a new oil filter for the motorcycle before the opening of the motor season, you will achieve a high level of performance of your iron horse. However, many car owners forget to replace the filter element, bypassing only the purchase of a new oil.
The oil filter for a motorcycle is a product for cleaning various types of oils, as well as hydraulic fluids that are used in motor vehicles. Very often the motorcycle is subjected to high and long loads, and therefore the motor must be kept clean. In time, replace filter products – then use competently any type of vehicle.
The first oil filter was created in 1923 by Ernest Sweetland and George Ginhalde. They created an incomplete threading device. Only a small fraction of the oil passed through the filter, and most of the liquid flowed directly into the engine.
It was only 20 years later that the first version of the full-flow filtration element was created, in which the entire volume of liquid was filtered before filtering into the engine. To date, some systems operate with the use of both types of filters, exploiting the advantages of each option.
The oil filter consists of the following parts:

  • openings through which the oil enters
  • outlet
  • oil filter housing
  • filter
  • spring
  • bypass valve
  • check valve
  • O-ring.

All filters are divided into the following categories:

  • oil filters for coarse cleaning. Such filters are suitable for small cubes. Filtering helps to retain the largest fractions, by passing a liquid through a mesh of plastic or metal. Installation of such filters is often carried out with a constant oil change or in such engines in which the purification system consists of several filters
  • open oil filters. They have a similar design with air filtration products and are distinguished by a special cleaning fiber that deters unwanted particles from entering the motor
  • filters in a rigid casing. Such products are created in the form of a closed glass made of metal, which is screwed into the nominal area of ​​the motor. These filters differ in the dimensions of the filtration components and threads. To positive qualities is to add a convenient design that allows a short time to make a replacement.

When choosing a filter, pay attention to its body. It must be firm and not lose shape when pressed, because the filter is affected by the force of the oil pressure, as well as the differences in atmospheric pressure associated with changing weather.
Regardless of the shape of the filter, pay attention to the O-ring, which must be made of elastic rubber to achieve a more tight fit.
The high-quality oil filter has a spongy structure. On the modern motor there is a large number of different versions of oil and air filters. Particular attention should be paid to quality, reliability, and firm-manufacturer. Products of proven brands guarantee the proper performance of products.

In Ukraine, unusual electrobike

Regarding the model range of this year, it can be called more technological than the previous one. ABS system, audio system, longer power reserve (almost 100 km), higher speed (at least 105 km / h). Also, changes were made for the dimensions of the motorcycle. They are adapted to European growth. The design uses lighter alloys, added customizable damping systems and many other functions.
It should be noted that the MyBro electric motorcycles are quite small in weight. Their weight ranges from 78 to 138 kg. The batteries are charged from a normal 220V network for 6 hours. The motorcycle can be operated at an air temperature of -20C to + 60C degrees. They differ in a rather large interservice interval – about 120 thousand km. The warranty term for electric bikes reaches 50,000 km.
More detailed information on the new MyBro products will be available at the New Cars Fest 2018 New Cars Festival in Kiev, which will be held from 26 to 27 May in the VDNKh

In Europe falls the popularity of malokubaturnyh scooters

At the same time, the implementation of scooters in the segment of small cubatures, which have motors of up to 50 cc, fell by 40.2%. Only 37 071 new malokubaturny scooter was registered during the first three months of the year in European countries. While the sale of motorcycles with a motor capacity of more than 50 cc, not only did not fall, but on the contrary, increased by 4.7% – to 203,853 units.
Italy became the largest market in the implementation of new motorcycles in January-March this year. The second place was occupied by France, the third by Germany, the fourth by Spain, and the fifth by the United Kingdom.
Regarding mopeds, France occupies the first place in the European market. The second line was occupied by the Netherlands, the third Italy, the fourth Belgium, and the fifth Spain. Unfortunately, in all these countries there is a decline in sales, which is expressed in double digits. The most severe drop was recorded on the territory of France – 41.5%.
Experts explain the decrease in the number of sold mopeds by the explosive growth of the popularity of electric motorcycles and electric scooters – the sales of environmentally friendly vehicles increased by almost 52% or 8,281 copies in the first quarter of Europe
In addition, analysts emphasize that many people who used mopeds used to do today are increasingly choosing different techniques for electric traction. After all, this technique does not need registration – various monocoques, electric bikes, electric scooters, etc. – and for this reason this fact is not reflected in statistics at all.

Police of Arizona decided to equip patrol motorcycles with rifles AR-15


The view of motorcycles is certainly brutal, which means there is some panic among the locals. After all, one thing is when the assault rifles are in the trunk of a police car, and it’s quite another when they are mounted on a motorcycle for everyone to see.
“People certainly paid attention to installed automatic weapons.” We heard different opinions on this matter. Against such an innovation – too military, “- said Sergeant Ronald Elcock.
At the same time, patrol policemen on motorcycles are almost always the first on the scene of the crime, therefore, it is very important that they have special means for protection themselves and law-abiding citizens.With careful consideration of the pros and cons, the management of the department of the suburbs of Phoenix decided to equip eight patrol motorcycles with semi-automatic rifles AR-15. They were mounted on special racks at the rear of the motorcycle.
It is worth noting that only the most skilled police were entrusted to patrol motorcycles with weapons, and they also received additional training for 40 hours.

In the Philippines, an electric bamboo was created


The developers created a motorcycle commissioned by the government’s Bamboo Extreme program to demonstrate innovative ideas for the use of bamboo stems. The Philippines is going to plant 10 million hectares of this plant.
It was for Green Falcon that the Meep designers came up with a two-layer bamboo “shell.” To make the plant stronger, they reinforced it with epoxy glue. the developers hid an electric motor and a battery pack, the characteristics of which are not yet known to the general public.As the motorcycle is designed for use in the city, its maximum speed is limited to a level of 97 kilometers per hour. 50 kilometers.
To date, Larsen does not say that the Green Falcon will go into mass production. Nevertheless, a motorcycle can be an inspiration for others, and will enable more efficient use of available resources.
It is worth noting that the corporation Lexus also used bamboo to create a corporate longboard. The board was shown two years ago. It is made up of seven layers of pressed stems and carbon fiber.

About the Kymco Ionex electric scooter and the charging substation ecosystem


The developers explained that the new Kymco Ionex system is based on removable rechargeable batteries weighing only 5 kg. blocks have standard dimensions and are mounted in specially designed cells.Those cells will be equipped with all new electric scooters.A similar principle is used by many manufacturers, but the company from Taiwan went a little further. they announced the creation of special charging stations that will be installed in stores, offices and other organizations.In any of these places it will be possible to exchange a discharged battery for a charged one.Thus, the “refueling” procedure will be almost instantaneous.
The Kymco Ionex scooter is a demonstration of the Ionex system, which contains two removable batteries, and there is also a non-removable battery. In the event that both Ionex batteries sit down, the scooter owner can always get to the station using the energy of the on-board battery. In addition, three additional battery packs can be mounted under the saddle. The total power reserve is 200 km.
Kymco is laying enormous hopes on the Ionex system. In the near future, it is planned to release ten new electric cycles and create a whole network of charging stations in 20 states. The most important point is the creation of infrastructure.

Motorcycle Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 line of 2018 – will there be competition?

The main task of developers was to mix classical thinking and modern design, and at the same time – nothing superfluous. The motorcycle has a light and narrow body, 17-inch alloy wheels. The yellow line, which goes through the fuel tank to the silencer, visually divides the motorcycle into several parts. However, its task is to emphasize the innovative direction of design.
The digital instrument panel has a round shape. The LED headlight has a similar shape. There are no fairings.
The engine has one cylinder, with a volume of 693 cu. In diameter, the cylinder reaches 105 mm. The stroke of the piston is 80 mm. The power is 55 kW (or 75 hp). The transmission has six speeds. The frame is made of powder coated chromium-molybdenum. The clearance is 140 mm. The volume of the tank is 12 liters.
Recall that the arms factory in Swedish Husqvarna was opened by order of the king in 1689. And only in 207 years the product line was replenished with a bicycle. The first motorcycle Husqvarna descended from the assembly line in 1903 and was, in fact, a bicycle with a motor. At the then popular highway race in 1933 and 1934. Husqvarna not once occupied the first lines of the podium. In 1955, the legendary Silverpilen ("Silver Arrow") began to be sold. The revolutionary motorcycle Husqvarna, created directly for off-road use, was equipped with a telescopic fork, hydraulic shock absorbers, weighed only 75 kg and had a high level of agility.
After that, there were many more legends and sporting victories. In 1987, Husqvarna acquired the Italian company Cagiva. Thus, the Swedish brand joined MV Agusta Motor SpA, and motorcycles were started in Varese (Italy). While most of the Husqvarna team moved to Italy, the rest stayed in Sweden and started building their own Husaberg motorcycles. Ten years ago, the famous firm Husqvarna again sold – this time it was acquired by German specialists from BMW. And only in 2013 the company Pierer Industries AG (the owner of the brand Husaberg) acquired Husqvarna for the purpose of further reunification of Husqvarna and Husaberg. In 2014 Husqvarna returned in the form of the very legend of the 1960s and 1970s. Customers were given the opportunity to buy fully updated enduro and cross bikes. And the release of the 2016 model Husvarna 701 Supermoto completely returned to the origins of single-cylinder road bikes.