ATV Polaris Sportsman 850 Forest – $ 10,800

Utilitarian ATV Sportsman 850 Forest is one of the best examples of the company Polaris .His advantages are pleasantly amazed.It is distinguished by increased maneuverability and patency for large carrying capacity, has a stylish sports appearance.Many experts of this type of equipment and simply connoisseurs consider this model the best representative of this brand.


Polaris Sportsman 850 Forest

Sporty, unordinary look of the ATV Polaris Sportsman 850 Forest is associated with outstanding qualities and technical characteristics.

The sturdy reliability of the all-terrain vehicle is combined with high resistance to wear and a decent power. The new 4-stroke SOHC twin-cylinder engine with a working volume of 850 cubic meters. see, liquid engine cooling and electronic injection system allows you to overcome the most difficult obstacles on the road and at the same time enjoy the traffic.

The automatic all-wheel drive system locks all wheels if the technology needs maximum traction. The quad bike is equipped with an EBS engine braking system and ADC descent control system, thanks to which the model can perfectly move both in the mountainous terrain and easily maneuver between snowdrifts, not to mention the sands and spring-autumn impassability.

Quadrocycle Polaris Sportsman 850 Forest has a disk hydraulic front suspension with a drive from the brake lever, as well as an independent rear suspension IRS, which allowed to obtain high stability of the brake characteristics of the model and a significant reduction in labor intensity and in operation.

Technical characteristics of the Polaris Sportsman 850 Forest EPS:

  • Engine type: SOHC 4-stroke two-cylinder engine
  • Displacement: 850 cm3
  • Power: 78 hp [19659032] Fuel tank capacity: 19.9 liters;
  • Mixture: two 40 mm throttles, electronic fuel injection;
  • Cooling: liquid;
  • Transmission / drive: automatic with CVT variator, automatic four-wheel drive system 4 WD / 2WD;
  • EBS system: engine braking system EBS – standard for ATV Polaris Sportsman XP 850 EFI;
  • ADC system: contact system olya on descent ADC – standard on ATV Polaris Sportsman XP 850 EFI;
  • Gear lever position: P / R / N / L / H;
  • Front suspension: disc hydraulic on all wheels with brake lever drive [19659032] Rear suspension: independent IRS suspension, double A -shaped levers, ATV working stroke 26 cm
  • Front brakes: disc hydraulic on all wheels with a brake lever drive
  • Rear brakes: disc hydraulic on all wheels with a drive from the brake lever and an additional pedal for braking by rear wheels
  • Wheelbase: 134.6 cm;
  • Length / Width / Height cm: 211.4х120.9х128.9 cm;
  • Capacity of the front luggage: 55 kg;
  • Rear luggage capacity: 110 kg
  • Dry weight: 328 kg
  • Ground clearance: 30.5 cm;
  • Pulling force: 680.4 kg;
  • Front tires: 26 x 8-14 “Maxxis;
  • Rear tires: 26 x 10-14 “Maxxis;
  • Other equipment: digital display, analogue speedometer, digital odometer, 2 day run counter, hour meter, maintenance reminder, gearshift indicator, fuel gauge, overheating / discharging the battery, the DC 12 V power supply

ATV Polaris Sportsman ACE 570 – $ 15,000

New model All-terrain vehicles Polaris Sportsman ACE 570 combines the achievements of the RZR and ATVs with excellent cross-country ability and maneuverability, will pass on any off-road at high speed. Comfortable in operation, stylish in appearance, with maximum safety systems.


Polaris Sportsman ACE 570

Polaris Sportsman ACE 570 is a high-performance ATV for traveling in difficult terrain. Thanks to steel stamped discs, a short wheelbase of 156 cm with a long ground clearance and a low center of gravity – the model has excellent maneuverability. The steel tubular frame ROPS provides comfort and safety for passengers. A powerful engine with electronic fuel injection and a power of more than 45 horsepower provides good acceleration dynamics, uniform acceleration and economical fuel consumption. Independent suspension IPS on A-shaped double levers and stabilizers of lateral stability allows smoothly passing steep turns.

The hydraulic disk brakes of the ATV Polaris Sportsman ACE 570 have proven themselves in severe road conditions (high jolting, jumping). Unobstructed braking when obstacles appear on the track are possible with a light touch of the hand. Excellent unit, easy to operate, reliable and economical. One of the popular models on the market of Ukraine.

Technical characteristics of the ATV Polaris Sportsman ACE 570;

  • Type of engine: 4-stroke, single-cylinder;
  • Cooling: liquid;
  • Displacement: 567 cm³
  • Power: 45 hp
  • Fuel system: electronic fuel injection;
  • Transmission / Drive: Automatic PVT H / L / N / R / P; shaft; AWD / 2WD
  • All-wheel drive system: automatic four-wheel drive system
  • Front suspension: MacPherson struts;
  • Front suspension stroke: 21 cm;
  • Rear suspension: double A-arms
  • Course of the rear suspension: 24 cm;
  • Brakes: disc hydraulic 4-wheel;
  • Tires: 25×8-12; 489;
  • The rear tires: 25×10-12;
  • Total length: 230 cm .;
  • Overall width: 122 cm;
  • Overall width: 122 cm;
  • Height: 173 cm;
  • Ground clearance: 26 cm;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 19.9 liters;
  • Front / rear load capacity: 55/110 kg;
  • Traction force: 680 kg;
  • Towbar type: standard towbars 1.25 “;
  • Accessory fixing system: Lock & Ride;
  • Headlights: Double dipped beam 50 W in bumper, 50 W high beam, double stop Signal

Classification of ATVs

Farmers call these machines mini-tractors, hunters, selected from forest debris with a rich booty – ATVs. The whole world knows them as ATV – All Terrain Vehicles – a vehicle for off-road driving, and in Russia they are better known as ATVs.

The evolution from the progenitor – a motorcycle to four-wheel ATV passed in less than half a century. Their immediate ancestor was a tricycle, which in 1970 was developed by one of the famous Japanese companies. True, at home the invention at first somehow did not stick. In the tricycles that were positioned as household helpers, the Japanese did not see the main thing – the opportunities for them to “tear themselves off”. However, when they were on California beaches, as tricycles waited not just a deafening success, but a real sensation. They rushed along the golden sand like unbroken mustangs. The desire to ride tricycles often cost the health of their owners – at the first steep turn, they strove to throw off the rider.

ATV Since the advent of the fourth wheel in 1982, ATVs have become more stable. Securing the machines for this feature, the engineers began to select them. And soon it was possible to choose an ATV in proportion to the goal. Since that moment, their victorious march across the world was already impossible to stop – ATV firmly won the sympathy of an increasing number of people. Along with the “workhorses” there were tourist, sports and even children’s ATVs.

The ATV classification is rather conventional, but there are some significant differences between the ATV classes, both in appearance and design. Quad bikes designed for work on the plot can be immediately recognized by large trunks in front and behind, as well as all kinds of attachments. They are able to clean snow, cut lawns, plow land, pull a trailer with a crop to the nearest market.

Children’s ATVs are compact in size, the presence of automatic transmission, less powerful motors. Most children’s ATVs are designed for teenagers 12-16 years. However, there are also models for the younger age: they provide remote engine shutdown and maximum speed control.

Quadrocycles, “sharpened” for sports, are distinguished by aggressive design. These rear-wheel-drive ATVs are equipped with a long-haul energy-intensive suspension that “completes” the landing after the jump, and is designed for high speeds.

Touring ATVs are machines designed to overcome serious off-road conditions. They are equipped with powerful engines, have a four-wheel drive, a transfer box with a downshift. Their wide wheels with low-pressure tires will pass through snow, sand, dehydrated mud. This versatility of ATVs favorably differs from their “relatives” – motorcycles and snowmobiles, the use of which is seasonal.

ATV Looking at tourist ATVs, there is a feeling that for them the laws of physics do not apply: ATV can do everything – to overcome any obstacle. For example, they can easily take a slope, where it is not easy to climb on foot, to overcome a swamp or even a deep river. No, he does not know how to move on the water, but it’s enough to place him under the inflated camera under each bridge and the driver can swim, pushing it in front of him. Causing at first irony of the owners of brutal jeeps, small and unpretentious in appearance quad bikes proved their worth, participating in the most difficult off-road competitions – trophy raids.

Touring ATVs today firmly established not only in the garages of the owners of country houses. Even small recreation centers, not to mention large boarding houses, have several units of rolling equipment and organize short contemplative walks in their picturesque surroundings. Quad bikes are involved in paintball battles and add a twist to corporate recreation in nature.

At the beginning of this century, having survived another stage of evolution, ATVs ceased to be machines for egoists. To take along a nice companion or companion, now it’s enough to have one long-bodied ATV. Engineers put the passenger behind him in the driver’s seat, installing a stepped seat, the natural extension of which was a comfortable back. The two-level position of the riders provides the passenger with an excellent view. This model of the ATV helps to assess people far from off-road raids, all the charm and excitement of traveling to ATV.

Standing in a traffic jam on the crowded artery of the metropolis, we sometimes reflect on the possibility of doing something that will allow us to rise above the iron logic of technological progress, to feel strong and free.

The ATV gives this chance …

Replacement of oil in the ATV

For the ATV, as well as for any transport, you need regular care. It is necessary to pay close attention to several of its elements. First of all, do not forget to monitor the condition of the oil filters, and, of course, the oil itself. The main thing in time is to replace this one of the main components of the ATV. The very replacement of oil does not cause special difficulties, and you can do without professional help.

Experts recommend that the oil be replaced in a warm form, and this procedure is best carried out in a warmed-up apparatus. First, read the instruction manual for your vehicle, there it is usually written how often your transport needs to change the oil, and how many kilometers can travel without cleaning the filter and changing the oil. Before the procedure begins, put the ATV in a position convenient for you so that you can easily approach it from any direction.

Remember, the used oil must be disposed of in accordance with the rules. Before installing a new filter, wipe off all the parts of your all-terrain vehicle that are sporadic with the consumables. After the oil has been filled, let the ATV run for a while at idling speed, then let it cool down, after all these procedures you can already check the oil level.

Polaris Sportsman Touring 570 – $ 11,000

Sportsman Touring 570 EFI is designed for heavy work in harsh conditions.The quad is popular among fans of hunting, fishing or just those who like active recreation in the forest.The management of this model is very convenient and is comfortable and enjoys great popularity among amateurs of utilitarian ATVs


Polaris Sportsman Touring 570

The unitary tourist ATV The sportsman Touring 570 EFI has an increased ride on the off road that provides quality rest and comfort.

A 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with a working volume of 567 cubic centimeters, capacity of 45 horsepower is installed. All-wheel drive Sportsman Touring 570 EFI can easily switch during driving from full to rear-wheel drive, to save fuel. The front suspension uses the MacPherson rails. The ground clearance of the ATV is 27.9 cm. The front and rear brakes are hydraulic. The integrated luggage compartment, 24.6 liters of usable capacity, allows you to remove a lot of things without hampering access to them even when the luggage area is fully loaded.

The main characteristics of the Polaris Sportsman Touring 570 EFI:

  • Engine type: 4-stroke one cylinder. Electronic Injector;
  • Displacement: 567 cm3;
  • Cooling: Liquid;
  • Transmission: automatic PVT H / L / N / R / P;
  • Drive system: AWD / 2WD;
  • Engine braking system / Downhill monitoring system: Standard;
  • Front suspension: McPherson, stroke 20.8 cm;
  • Rear suspension: Double lever, IRS , stroke 24.1 cm;
  • Front / Rear brakes: Hydraulic, disc, all-wheel drive;
  • Parking brake: parking transmission / manual interlock;
  • Tire equipment front: 25 x 8-12; 489;
  • The rear tires: 25 x 10-12; (19659025) Dry weight: 330 kg
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 218.4×121.9×121.9 cm;
  • Clearance: not available on the market. 27,9 cm;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 17.0 l;
  • Carrying capacity of 40.8 kg / 81.6 kg;
  • Pulling force: 555.7 kg;
  • Trailer weight: 810.1 kg; standard / 1,25 “retainer; 19659025] Accessory fixing system: Lock & Ride®;
  • Illumination: dual low beam 50 W in bumper, 50 W high beam, double brake light
  • Equipment: digital instruments, analog speedometer, odometer, tachometer, mileage counter , gear indicator, fuel level, drive type indicator, low / high beam, socket outlet.