About the Kymco Ionex electric scooter and the charging substation ecosystem


The developers explained that the new Kymco Ionex system is based on removable rechargeable batteries weighing only 5 kg. blocks have standard dimensions and are mounted in specially designed cells.Those cells will be equipped with all new electric scooters.A similar principle is used by many manufacturers, but the company from Taiwan went a little further. they announced the creation of special charging stations that will be installed in stores, offices and other organizations.In any of these places it will be possible to exchange a discharged battery for a charged one.Thus, the “refueling” procedure will be almost instantaneous.
The Kymco Ionex scooter is a demonstration of the Ionex system, which contains two removable batteries, and there is also a non-removable battery. In the event that both Ionex batteries sit down, the scooter owner can always get to the station using the energy of the on-board battery. In addition, three additional battery packs can be mounted under the saddle. The total power reserve is 200 km.
Kymco is laying enormous hopes on the Ionex system. In the near future, it is planned to release ten new electric cycles and create a whole network of charging stations in 20 states. The most important point is the creation of infrastructure.

Motorcycle Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 line of 2018 – will there be competition?

The main task of developers was to mix classical thinking and modern design, and at the same time – nothing superfluous. The motorcycle has a light and narrow body, 17-inch alloy wheels. The yellow line, which goes through the fuel tank to the silencer, visually divides the motorcycle into several parts. However, its task is to emphasize the innovative direction of design.
The digital instrument panel has a round shape. The LED headlight has a similar shape. There are no fairings.
The engine has one cylinder, with a volume of 693 cu. In diameter, the cylinder reaches 105 mm. The stroke of the piston is 80 mm. The power is 55 kW (or 75 hp). The transmission has six speeds. The frame is made of powder coated chromium-molybdenum. The clearance is 140 mm. The volume of the tank is 12 liters.
Recall that the arms factory in Swedish Husqvarna was opened by order of the king in 1689. And only in 207 years the product line was replenished with a bicycle. The first motorcycle Husqvarna descended from the assembly line in 1903 and was, in fact, a bicycle with a motor. At the then popular highway race in 1933 and 1934. Husqvarna not once occupied the first lines of the podium. In 1955, the legendary Silverpilen ("Silver Arrow") began to be sold. The revolutionary motorcycle Husqvarna, created directly for off-road use, was equipped with a telescopic fork, hydraulic shock absorbers, weighed only 75 kg and had a high level of agility.
After that, there were many more legends and sporting victories. In 1987, Husqvarna acquired the Italian company Cagiva. Thus, the Swedish brand joined MV Agusta Motor SpA, and motorcycles were started in Varese (Italy). While most of the Husqvarna team moved to Italy, the rest stayed in Sweden and started building their own Husaberg motorcycles. Ten years ago, the famous firm Husqvarna again sold – this time it was acquired by German specialists from BMW. And only in 2013 the company Pierer Industries AG (the owner of the brand Husaberg) acquired Husqvarna for the purpose of further reunification of Husqvarna and Husaberg. In 2014 Husqvarna returned in the form of the very legend of the 1960s and 1970s. Customers were given the opportunity to buy fully updated enduro and cross bikes. And the release of the 2016 model Husvarna 701 Supermoto completely returned to the origins of single-cylinder road bikes.

Ducati reported on the results of last year

According to official information, according to the results of the past year, the company’s customers around the world received 55,871 motorcycles. This figure is 0.8% higher than a year ago. In general, the increase in the number of motorcycles sold worldwide has been fixed at Dukati for the eighth year in a row. 

Last year Ducati demonstrated positive results despite the fact that in the global motorcycle market with an engine capacity of more than 500 HP, Over the past year, growth was not observed, but a decline of 3.5%.
The annual turnover of the Italian company at the end of 2017 reached 736 million euros. And the total increase in sales for the last 5 years has increased by almost 30%. But Ducati’s operating profit for 2017 equals 51 million euros, which means that it remained at the level of 2016.
“We have achieved a result that clearly demonstrates the correctness of our chosen strategy, which is to invest actively in new products,” said the head Ducati Motor Holding Claudio Domenicali
Management announced its financial results during the annual Audi AG press conference in Ingolstadt. It is worth recalling that the German car concert controls the Italian manufacturer, despite the constantly appearing on the market rumors about the intention of the Volkswagen AG concern to sell a non-core motorcycle asset.
Today, the staff of Ducati employees reaches 1,570 people. The Ducati sales network consists of 780 official dealers in more than 90 different states.

Motorcycle of the famous musician of The Beatles John Lennon sold under the hammer

The small Honda Z50A motorcycle, which was created in 1969, was sold as part of the H & H Classics auction at the National Motorcycle Museum for £ 56,250. This amount is approximately equal to 77 500 dollars. The motorcycle was sold for an amount that was twice the estimate of the lot. 

The Lennon motorcycle acquired in the late 1960s and was used by him during his stay at a country house in Tinnenhurst Park. 11 years later in 1971, Lennon transported a bike to New York.
It is worth noting that the manki-bike was sold almost in its original form. It is an expensive subject of the collection from the memorial of members of The Beatles.
The previous owner of the motorcycle kept it for 47 years, and from time to time showed it at a variety of exhibitions.
“We were very enthusiastic about this sign of trust when we There was a proposal to sell and sell this vehicle, taking into account its extraordinary origin.The fact that we managed to get such a cost, causes a feeling of deep satisfaction, “the head of the rodazham at H & H Brian Mark.

Bikers staged chaos on the American road

On Saturday, Boston’s 911 service received a lot of calls about a group of 20-30 motorcyclists who terrorized the streets of the city and wreaked havoc on the tracks. After that, representatives of law enforcement agencies decided to conduct a special operation, and tried to detain all participants of a dangerous race. 

Several police units watched closely the motorcycle racers, but did not intervene until they were on one of the highways, which is surrounded by concrete blocks. This, in the opinion of the police, was to prevent hooligans from escaping detention.
As a result, several police cars blocked traffic from both sides on the side of the highway where motobanda was moving. However, a motorcycle is not a car, and most of the bikers are just throwing their vehicles across the dividing barrier. When the police began to detain, some bikers also resisted. I even had to shoot. As a result, three people were injured.
As a result of the operation, seven hooligans were detained. All were released on bail pending trial. Also, more than 20 units of various motor vehicles were also seized. Among the charges brought against the driving of an unregistered vehicle, resistance to law enforcement officers. The age of the detainees is from 22 to 31 years.

BMW will update the motorcycles GS F-series

The main task of modernizing motorcycles, produced in virtually unchanged form for eleven years, according to the manufacturer, is to convert them into universal devices that can transport their owner in space, regardless of the type of surface under the wheels and the purpose of the trip. 

The new series of 2018, which will include motorcycles BMW F 750 GS and F850 GS, will be equipped with new two-cylinder in-line power units. These motors have higher power and torque. The 750 will be able to develop 77 horsepower (at 7,500 rpm), and the 850 th will be 95 horsepower at 8,250 rpm.
In addition to more modern engines, motorcycles will have a new steel frame. The fuel tank is in the usual place, between the seat and the steering wheel. Also new products will include a new telescopic fork and a new pendulum with a central spring.
In the standard version, the new F-series motorcycles will be equipped with ABS, ASC and “rain” and “road” driving modes. In addition, as an option, the customer will be able to order electronic suspension adjustment, as well as a multifunction instrument panel and a color 6.5-inch TFT display.
“The F 750 GS is suitable for all motorcyclists who appreciate the conceptual design of travel-enduros in tandem with an understated seat, high power level, high efficiency and multifaceted quality. But the F 850 ​​GS will be characterized by even more power, more outstanding touring parameters and excellent off-road capabilities, “the BMW specialist said.
Information on the cost and date of appearance in the dealership network is not available today.

Unusual novelty from Polaris – ATV for one place

The power unit of the ATV has a volume of 1 liter and two cylinders – four-stroke ProStar 1000 H.O. This motor is equipped with liquid cooling and is capable of producing 110 liters. from. The ATV is equipped with a rear radiator with two fans to maximize engine cooling. In addition, the novelty has high air intakes. 

The size of the front suspension – 406 mm, the rear – 457 mm. The length of the whole device is 2,845 mm, the wheelbase is 2,108 mm, the width is 1,626 mm, the height is 1,873 mm. The suspension with the longitudinal arms was set the same as on the model RZR XP1000. Such a suspension makes it possible to easily overcome obstacles and at the same time ensures a relatively smooth course even when traveling on rough terrain.
The ATV turned out to be quite light for its category – the net weight is 608 kg. The fuel tank holds 36 liters. Clearance – 330 mm. However, the maximum load is only 136 kg.
The instrument panel is equipped with a speedometer, a tachometer, an odometer, a tripmeter, a coolant temperature gauge, a voltmeter, a service indicator, a clock, a gear indicator, a fuel gauge, a bulb that reminds of a non-fastened belt , as well as a rosette.
You can buy the novelty in two shades – black with red inserts and red suspension, as well as white with red inserts and a red suspension. The cost of the device in the US starts at $ 14,000. To dealers, the all-terrain vehicle will arrive closer to the end of this month.

The motorcyclist became the champion, having passed on elektibike 1113 kilometers for one day

To establish the record, the rider used an electric bike Zero DSR ZF14.4, which is equipped with a 70-horsepower motor and a battery for 18 kilowatt hours. Such a battery makes it possible to pass about 328 kilometers in the city cycle and about 156 kilometers on the track (if to keep a constant speed of 113 kilometers per hour) 

. Klaviter beforehand carefully thought out the route for establishing the record that ran between Berlin and Neustrelitz, where the headquarters of the organization dealing with renewable energy sources is located.
From the total time of the trip, the motorcyclist spent almost 9.5 hours to recharge batteries of electric bikes. In addition, Klawitter used fast filling stations, which enable you to charge batteries in just one hour. It is worth noting that the average speed of the whole route was 46.4 kilometers per hour.


Exhaust gas motorcycle is more harmful than car exhaust

Specialists of the Far Eastern Federal University conducted an analysis of the situation and concluded that such products formed in motorcycle engines are more harmful to human health and nature than such products from automobile engines. The results of the analysis are published in the authoritative Toxicology Reports. 

The main assumption put forward by the research scientists is that modern motorcycle engines are not so safe for nature as it seems and marketers imagine it. Residual products that are released during internal combustion in the engine have a great impact on the environment.
According to experts, even when equipped with a special system for afterburning harmful gases, new motorcycle engines are the source of the release of a large volume of solid particles with a high proportion of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) of less than 10 micrometers. It is the particles of this size that scientists consider the most harmful for humans and for the environment. They are classified as carcinogenic.
Scientists claim that motorcycles and scooters, in spite of the small volume of engines, have outstripped even diesel engines by the volume of emissions into the atmosphere of the above-mentioned particles.
Specialists studied 44 units of equipment, among which were motorcycles , scooters, ATVs and jet skis. At all, different types of fuel and propulsion systems were installed. Studies have shown that four-stroke injected power units of motorcycles are safer in the ecological plan than two-stroke injectors or carburettors.
At the same time, scientists of the FEFU have voiced a high-sounding assumption that as early as 2020, two-cycle scooter motors will be on the territory of Europe more a serious source of pollution than all other land vehicles combined.