Swimming through Naru

I have long wanted to cross the Naru river for a wade, but I still could not find a suitable place where I could move without snorkels (which I do not have) and without fear of drowning. Although for the ATV, the water ingress into the engine is not fatal (in 99% of cases it is enough to drain water from everywhere and rinse the crankcase by repeatedly changing the oil), the problem is that I ride alone and nobody pulls me out of the wilderness.

I saw the ruts going to Naru, but trying to get in there, I had to immediately retreat, because the depth exceeded my possibilities. No, it’s scary alone.

But finally I found the right place where everyone drives on quadrics and jeeps. And in the future I often skated here to wash the dirt off the ATV.
Of course, such a swimming is a pretty serious obstacle, try to push a few hundred liters of water in front of you. The gas has to be squeezed out as much as possible, because it is necessary for the washing to be well boiled.

As for the safety of the maneuver, there is nothing terrible here for the ATV. It has 3 critical points through which water can potentially enter.

The first is the air intake of the engine. The suction pipe is located on the elevation under the seat closer to the front. But this pipe does not lead directly to the carburetor. It leads to a filter box, a relatively sealed box with a capacity of a couple of liters, where the air filter is located. That is, to get water into the engine, first you need to fill this box.

The second is the input for the air cooling of the variator. Since the operation of the variator is based on friction, it must be cooled very well, which is done through continuous blowing. The entrance is located under the “hood” in front of the ATV. It is also protected (to some extent) from insignificant water ingress. But if the water gets inside, the belt will slip on the pulleys and the ATV will lose its course.

Finally, the air-cooling outlet pipe is under the left rear wing, it is also located quite high, and it is simply impossible to fill it with water

Therefore, if you do not dive above the seat or level of the headlights, pour something unrealistic. But, of course, these are critical levels, and it is better not to approach them, because when crossing a water obstacle, there is never any certainty of what awaits you in a half meter.

Beauty! The quad is again pure and happy. But you can not always so calmly take and swim the river. For example, after abundant autumn rains, Nara adds 30 or 40 centimeters in the depth of the centimeter, and this is completely beyond my quad.

In the summer, on hot days, people bathe here. At such times, of course, I do not swim here either.

On the ATV in puddles

The autumn of 2017 was rainy. So rainy that the water was, just like in the spring. Often I had to drive right in the rain, which, in fact, is not at all scary and quite comfortable: the main thing is that it is properly equipped. So I quickly figured out what was what, and realized that the more water and dirt – the better the weather for riding on the quad.

I accidentally discovered a good camouflaged forest quadrothropa with an abundance of puddles! In one of them I even almost drowned: the ATV tilted to the right side and stalled (I did not keep track of the gasoline was not enough, and when the level was tilted, it was below the fuel pipe). At first I was frightened, but then with the help of a winch I pulled out a square to the shore and then got hooked. Unfortunately, I did not photograph this terrible event (it was not up to that).

The wooded ruts flooded with water, though at first look stern, but have no difficulty in overcoming themselves. But these photos cause an effect in those who did not ride a quadric:)

Water is not mud, it is impossible to get stuck in it. And my CF500A is like a tractor. However, it is in fact a tractor.

However, under the water there may be obstacles – stones, glands, branches. They are able to pierce the wheel or even rip it off the drive. And if at a speed to fly on a hummock, the quad bike can turn over. All this should be remembered and never be poked into unfamiliar puddles at high speed.

And in well-studied puddles you can go and like this all sides fly a spray, it’s super. A small video (though already from the November series):
When it rains in the forest, the drops create air bubbles on the surface of the puddle. In the forest in the rain, it’s cozy, of course, if you wear a waterproof jacket.

It’s especially nice to ride in the rain, since there’s almost no one on the street. And in the forest you can meet only half-crazy mushroom pickers. However, I think they also consider me half crazy. And once I met tourists on Nara, who sat in the rain in the tent for at least 3 days. I do not know how they got out back on their non-drive Corolla, because the road was thoroughly depleted.

I really enjoyed riding the puddles. But that was not mud. The mud came later …

The "Martian" journey (to the quarry)

Once in the process of pokatushek I found a very interesting place: the old sand pit. The quarry is very small, but I did not see such people before. Once here sand was mined, but now the quarry has long been abandoned, but the road to the cars is blocked to him, which prevents him from quickly littering and taking away.

I did not know about the road at all, calmly approached my career on the side, climbed up the crevice , and then I saw a shocking picture: a Martian landscape. Everywhere greens, grass, and here – lifeless mountains of yellow color. Some kind of rubbish, red clay, yellow sands.

Of course, it’s impossible to transfer the scale to the photo (yes, I also took the phone), sorry.

At the bottom of the quarry – two lakes muddy clay-sandy . I did not know if it was possible to ride there, if clay would not suck, so I carefully went downstairs. Not sucked. Although I was afraid to get into the water directly

The sand is dense, the quadric on it rides well. But if you want, you can also dig in, there is a switch off the all-wheel drive and clamp the front brake.

There is even some vegetation around the lake. One trouble: to the boots clay with sand sticks instantly. Therefore, I then have to wash my feet for a long time in the stream.

In the summer, in the hot season, I discovered that the dirty lake is used by animals, coming here for watering. Here is an imprint of a fox (and maybe a dog):

Here is the trace of a wild boar, there are a lot of wild boars

And this was marched by different birds: a duck and a crane

My rover also left his traces on the sand:

An old abandoned excavator was found near the quarry.


Well, I have to go home. After all, along the way, it is still necessary to launder the quadric and boots in the stream.

Autumn dirt, kicks on the ATV

I have recently expressed joy from the rainy autumn of 2017. In my happiness, I was not alone: ​​all quadrocyclists caught the buzz from the fact that you can normally ride and have fun. The rains almost poured until December, and almost every weekend I skied with pleasure over this nasty weather;).

November was especially pleased. The water had already stopped absorbing into the ground and did not go anywhere. Forest roads have turned into this: And this is just the beginning of the puddle. You sit on a quadric, as if in a boat.

True, the ATV itself is not at all. He quietly drives the wave along the track, maliciously carving the engine and twisting the wheels with dozens of liters of water.
I did not go on such a road at first since buying a quadric, I was terribly frightened then:).

Just think , in the summer here in this place was a small puddle with a small amount of clay. And now I’m sitting on my belly and I’m going to unwind the winch. And the ground under your feet champs and clings to the boots. Yes, of course, it was possible to go back, but I guessed only then. Well, yes, I’m still a novice quad cyclist.

Well, when there is, where to go! Having dispersed, it is possible to plop with a spray in a pool! It’s not scary at all, the water does not fall on the rider. Almost. But how beautifully the cloud of dirty water rises and then falls in front of the nose of the ATV!

Here I came to a wandering bog, there is such a liquid that the quadric already rotates the wheels, but does not row forward. He sticks in his belly, and the clutch with the slurry is not enough to move it from the place.

So I pull out the winch cable again, wrap the tree with a sling, I cling to the line and pull myself out of the swamp. By the way, I’ve been riding with an extension cord for a long time, he helps me out. The length of the staff rope wound around the winch is about 15 meters, but it can not be unraveled to the end, therefore, the working length is somewhere around 13 meters. This is not enough, because trees do not always grow in close proximity to the jam. So I bought an additional 15 meters of synthetic rope, plaited it at the ends of the koushi, and now I use it quite often.

Synthetic rope is extremely durable. With a diameter of only 5.5 mm, the breaking load of the cable is 2800 kg! At the same time it is light, soft, always reeled back to the drum without problems. The rupture of the cable does not lead to dangerous consequences (unlike metal, which can lash so that it leaves a serious injury or damage the ATV). It does not twist, does not have metal wires, which burst and poke their hands. I am very glad that I replaced the metal cable with synthetics.

And this is not a forest road, but quite an automobile road, which is used for driving to holiday villages (fortunately, not in ours). However, I did not see cars there. And he would not have stuck himself by the road on such a road. Having passed through Kremenka, you can wash off some dirt from yourself. However, this river is very small in this place, so you will not wash yourself. Here is a cool diagonal hanging, which cars are very afraid (they just can not move), but for an ATV this is not a problem at all.

Sometimes it happens that the ATV gets into an impassable track. For example, in the photo below it hangs on the crest. The left wheels went into a clay-water mash, and do not have a clutch with a solid surface. And the right wheels just hang. It is impossible to rock the ATV sideways, nor is it possible to push it forward or backward by the force of one person. Shovel under the bottom, too, do not undermine (tried, we know). Therefore, again and again, the winch helps.

When you ride with someone in the company, you can venture on bold acts – for example, try to cross a known marsh swamp in the opposite direction, where there are no trees on the opposite shore , to which it would be possible to attach a winch. Such attempts end quite predictably :). Well, nothing, we catch the cord extender with the help of the shackle for the hole for the towbars and with the help of the comrade we pull out the ATV.

Though still recently, in the summer, this swamp could be moved quite calmly. But he was very fond of jeepers and heavily razvorotili. However, I also contributed to this matter.

But at once it is clear that he drove normally.

I have about the same kind

And just like the quad bike, I am my own self Kherher:)

How I nearly fell into the crevice

On another cool autumn day, I decided to go for a little ride on a quadric. Quite a bit, and not getting into the dirt, because it was on Sunday, and once again to wash the ATV before leaving the country I was lazy.

I first rode the Kaluga Highway, then turned away from it, and as the weather was good, I decided to get to the river Nara on the other side, where I have not traveled yet. Here I found a path (not very much rolled up, that is not very popular due to the distance from the roads) and went along it.

Soon the trail was over and I decided to drive up to Nara closer through the thickets. [19659002] But I did not think that the thin streamlet that I crossed, washed the soil so that under the grass there will be a cleft. In which I hit the left side. Quadra slowly, but surely began to fall to the side. I tried to balance my weight on the right, but where there, 330 kg is you going to outweigh.

I was scared. Not for myself, of course – I tear off the square. But if he overturns, how can I turn it back alone?

No maneuvers can be done, because While I’m sitting on the crest of a crevice, I can not go upstairs, every movement only leads to even greater roll. They do not cling to the slope of the wheel, it comes from soft soil and simply collapses.

It was very unpleasant. But then I did not take pictures anymore, I had to act quickly.

I quickly unwound the winch, hooked the cable extension cord to it and caught hold of the tree, which was ahead and slightly to the right of the course. This allowed at least somehow to keep the ATV. A little breathing, short presses on the winch switch and lightly podgazovyvaya I began to slowly move the quadric in the direction of elevation.

And fortunately, I did it! At one point, the quad was standing on two wheels: the front left and the rear right. I applied muscular force and pushed him to the shore.

However, in this incident, the plastic of the footboard burst with me, but I later repaired it qualitatively and the repair site became invisible.

But the conclusions are as follows: without knowing the ford, do not bother in water! Any dense vegetation can hide dangers in itself.

How to get the rights to ATV

Simultaneously with the purchase of the ATV I decided to get a driver’s license, which would give me a legal right to operate this equipment. Firstly, I needed it for trouble-free skiing on the roads, and secondly, for self-improvement. Well, it’s nice to have an extra crust that confirms your skill.

Quad bikes and snowmobiles belong to a technique that is not intended for movement on general roads, and GIBDD does not issue the right to manage these data by self-propelled vehicles, but Gostehnadzor (GTN). And the rights are called so: the certification of a tractor driver (UTM). UTM category A I (one) just gives the right to control ATVs with engine volume above 50 cubes and snowmobiles.

Attention: the usual driver’s license (issued by the traffic police) is not suitable for driving a ATV! Read more about this in the article “Rights to a quadricycle and quad bike”.

Where to get the rights to ATV and snowmobile

I studied the Internet on this subject, and it turned out that in Moscow only 3 offices are engaged in the preparation and acceptance of exams for a tractor driver. One in Khimki, the second in Yablochkov Street, and the third one – the most popular one – is the GOU “Professional” on Ryazan Avenue. There I turned. But, of course, slightly lohanulsya, and that’s what.

I decided to complete the training, which includes one theoretical lesson and two practical (somewhere in half an hour-hour, this is how long it takes to master). In addition to teaching in theory and practice, the cost includes a manual with exam questions, a practical exam scheme, as well as fees for the exam and for issuing an identity card. And it was worth 5800 rubles. By the way, now they have already raised prices to 6200 rubles.

And it would be right to save money by taking only 1 or 2 hands-on lessons per hour, buying a manual or downloading tickets online for free, paying a fee for the exam and for the issuance of the certificate. All this is done in the same “Professional”.

In addition, a medical certificate confirming the suitability for the management of self-propelled vehicles and with open categories A and B is available. Such a medical certificate is issued in any driver’s medical board (including the final report of psychiatric and drug dispensaries). I went to the commission, where the “general practitioner” checked his eyesight and measured the pressure – and received a certificate with pre-stamped seals from the doctors. In general, how do we get medical help, and so everyone knows.

If there is already a driver’s license, it’s good. Then you do not have to pass a theoretical exam on the knowledge of traffic rules. If not, then, as expected, there will be 20 additional questions on the traffic rules with the right to 2 errors in the exam.

By the way, there is an age limit: you can get UTM of the AI ​​category only from the age of 16.

Yes, and I can not help but warn: on the Internet, many scammers offer false rights to ATV. Be extremely attentive.


So, I came to the first lesson. The instructor told about what an ATV is, we looked at photos of different quadrics, a video about their production of the Discovery channel, listened to the passing of the exam, and, well, everything. Theoretical part is absolutely useless. After that, they went on to practice.

Practice (and exam) takes place on two ATVs – to whom it is more convenient: Sagitta Orso 150 and Reggy Warrior 110. The second one is quite small, and even with foot (motorcycle) gear shifting, in general , on it no one wanted to practice.

Here began a very complex action: inspection of the ATV. Before you start the movement, you need to inspect the ATV, and even in the right sequence. Wheels, ignition, brakes, a spark plug, oil, gear lever. Totally somewhere with a dozen objects, and you can not miss something.

Then we climb the quad bike, and not anyhow. First you need to grasp the wheel with both hands, and only then throw your foot. Once again, we check that the lever is on the neutral, so that the parking brake is turned on, and only now it is possible to start the ATV and turn on the headlights. The first stage is completed.

Now a rather difficult practical test for driving begins. It is difficult because it is necessary to strictly observe all formalities. For example, you can not just start moving or stop. To start the movement, you need to perform the following sequence:

Turn on the transfer.
Show the left hand with the left hand [start of movement].
View back.
Remove the handbrake.
Start movement.
a few meters, you need to show the left hand turn to the right (in the right place), turn and stop in front of the stop line for 20-50 cm before it. Put on the handbrake, switch to neutral and show with your hands the “swallow” – the second stage is completed.

The third stage – just start the movement and drive the “snake” without hooking the cones, and then turn right and stop. This is not very simple, since the cones stand back to the possible trajectory of motion, and all actions must be performed with 10-centimeter accuracy. Fortunately, the time is not limited, so you can go very slowly.

The fourth stage is the arrival in the box (garage) in reverse.

The fifth – exit from the garage, turn, acceleration, braking, turning, stopping in front of the stop line .

The sixth stage – reverse driving to the launch site. Then it is necessary to put on the handbrake, remove from the transmission, turn off the light and the engine. Done!

At each stage, you need to show the actions of hands, put on the handbrake, switch to neutral. Here is the scheme of action on the exam

It is almost impossible to pass the exam without a practical lesson! To remember all the actions in order to clearly pass the snake, to show the hand exactly in the right place and to learn how to stop the ATV in front of the stop line, it is necessary at least 5 times to pass this platform.

I sat on a quadric for the second time in my life and, with a small blot, immediately drove the pad. That was great. Then he practiced a few more times, well, and in the second lesson he passed easily without any errors.

As for the theoretical part, on the exam it is necessary to answer 5 questions on the safety theory of the management of self-propelled machines. The questions in their majority are very simple, and the correct answers are calculated in a logical way. But some need to be remembered.


The exam is conducted in the same “Professional” on Thursdays from 9am. It is necessary to bring with you:

medical certificate
two photos
driver’s license (if any)
statement (will be given on the spot)
There is always a lot of people, because the training center takes exams not only for quadrocyclists, but also for tractor operators, forklift operators, etc. So, we hand over the documents and wait for the exam.

A theoretical safety theory exam is first held, where you have to answer 5 simple questions and allow no more than 1 mistake. Still, if anyone does not have a driving license, you need to answer 20 questions on traffic rules.

If the theory is passed normally, the practical part begins.

I read many times that the inspectors of the GOT on the site are kind and forgive mistakes. I do not know, with me half of the group fell. And some even at the start: he did not show the beginning of the movement with his hand – and everything, the exam is over, until the next time.

I drove the site perfectly.

I received the driver’s license as a tractor driver in the “Professional” on the same day.

Well, that’s all – now I can legally manage quad bikes and snowmobiles. And finally a tractor driver appeared in the family. Pleasure is not cheap, but the goals have been achieved:)

In general, the procedure for obtaining rights is very simple and fast, in just a week I became the owner of UTM. And I strongly recommend that all off-road lovers get the rights. After driving a vehicle without rights, we are punished with a fine of 5-15 thousand rubles and detention of the vehicle (parking lot).