Fly Free demonstrated another electric motorcycle Smart Classic

It is worth recalling that Fly Free are retro electric motorcycles. In total, the model line consists so far of two devices:

  • Smart Desert, somewhat similar to the scrambler
  • the new “Caf” – Smart Classic.

The design style of motorcycles is more similar to the classic motorcycles of the middle of the last century, but with the filling, of course, from the twenty-first. The bikes are equipped with 3000 watt electric motors and a lithium battery from LG, which makes it possible to travel up to 80 km in an autonomous mode at a maximum speed of 80 km / h. This information is the manufacturer of motorcycles. At the same time, a viable battery capacity reaches more than 70%. In addition, it is worth noting the liquid crystal speedometer, USB port, as well as modern LED optics of head lighting, the start button, which is located on the false-fuel tank. The developers promise that with the help of original accessories and tuning, future electric bike owners will be able to choose from 80 different combinations of appearance.

The company GSBMOTO introduced a novelty in 2019 – PROGASI Pitbikes!

The best is the enemy of the good? No, we do not think. It's just that the best is better!

The PROGASI brand enters the Russian market on New Year's Eve, this is definitely a real gift for moto enthusiasts!

Progasi comes from Catalonia, she has a hot Spanish temper!

Italian became the partner in the development of the bike Acerbis company.
The headquarters of which is in the city of Bergamo, not far from the world capital of fashion Milan.

It has already become known that Alexey Orekhov, a well-known crossman, became a Russian pilot of the factory PROGASI team. Master of Sports of Russia! He has been on 2 wheels since 5 years old, in 23 years he has won more than 200 times.
FMX13 moto freestyle team pilot – this guy knows how to handle a motorcycle!

Now Progasi is presented in 2 engine variants, they received the index: 125 and 150.
And also in 3 colors: Blue, Red, Green.

In terms of the technical solution, the motics are clearly ahead of the Chinese classmates made with carbon paper. We worked on the bike – it has a soul! It feels right away!

Honda showed off-road Talon 1000X and 1000R sport utility vehicles

The company demonstrated brand new Talon 1000X and Talon 1000R vehicles. “Side-by-side" in which the pilot and passenger are side by side in an SUV.
Over the past decade, Honda has been able to set a certain standard for high-performance cross-country motorcycles of the CR and CRF series. And now the Honda Talon model is tasked with bringing a new level of off-road positive, high precision, performance and quality to the new class of sport utility vehicles.
Both vehicles are built on the same frame, equipped with the same powertrain. The only difference is in the wheelbase. Model R, unlike model X, has a longer wheelbase of 5 inches. The configuration of the suspension also differs.
Judging by the video available on the network, it can be said that Honda actually managed to create quite fun sports equipment. The price of the new Talon SUV today remains unknown. The authors of the development promise to announce it early next year. At the same time, SUVs will be available for purchase.

Road option Moto Guzzi V85 in development

During a conversation with journalists from the Italian edition of Motociclismo, the head of the two-wheeled vehicle engineering department, Antonio Cappellini (Antonio Cappellini), said that the manufacturer will continue to develop the model range around the new engine. In addition, he focused on the fact that the road version is already in development.
However, there is nothing surprising in this, since the new Moto Guzzi power unit easily passes the Euro4 standard, and can also pass the Euro5 tests. Motor produces 80 horsepower. It is worth noting that this indicator is not the highest, but the Italian company does not take part in the performance battle, taking other things as priority.
It’s impossible to say with absolute accuracy what the next model will be, so all those interested can just wait for fresh rumors and news.
Recall also that in Europe the new Moto Guzzi V85 TT will be available for 11,500 euros. Sales will begin in February next year.

“Java” is back!

In the course of the presentation, three motorcycles showed the guests of the event – a classic Jawa, Jawa "Fourty-Two" and a custom bike based on "Java", which was called "Berak". It is worth noting that the first two of these models are already available for pre-order, but the custom bike will be sold a little later. However, they don’t give a more accurate date.
A representative from Java said that the developers consider the brand’s new products, like the history of Java, to be endless, and as a result, they are confident in high sales.
For technical specifications, it is worth noting that all motorcycles will be equipped with updated single-cylinder four-stroke DOHC engines having a liquid cooling system, 293 cubic centimeters and a 6-speed gearbox. Maximum power is 27 horsepower, and maximum torque – 28 Nm. Both motorcycles have the ABS anti-lock braking system as standard.
The Jawa model will be available in 3 colors, and the Jawa Fourty-Two model in 6 different colors.
And now about the price. In the Indian market, where the first sales will begin, for the classic "Java" you will have to pay 164,000 Indian rupees, which is equivalent to 2300 US dollars, and for the Fourty-Two model – 155,000 Indian rupees (2150 dollars).

Jaguar Land Rover invests in electric motorcycle production

The company Jaguar Land Rover, which produces cars, will also enter the motorcycle market – the investment venture fund InMotion Ventures, which is under its management, has become a shareholder of the Arc Vector start-up. This project involves creating an electric motorcycle with innovative solutions.
"Electric technologies are the future of urban mobility. They enable people to travel in personal vehicles, bringing minimal harm to the environment," said Sebastian Peck, managing director of InMotion Ventures. just change the way you travel, but also give owners new emotions. Thanks to the development and ideas of the talented Arc team, the Vector electric motorcycle will be the first step towards a new generation a two-wheeled vehicle. "
The prototype of the Arc Vector electric motorcycle model was demonstrated at the Milan Motorcycle Show in Italy. The handmade motorcycle is created around a carbon monocoque that has a battery module built into it. CFRP developers have applied in the suspension elements, and Ohlins has created a special shock absorbers for new items. The company is engaged in wheels BST, and brakes – the famous Brembo. The Arc Vector weighs 220 kilograms, which is 60 kilograms less than standard motorcycles of this class.
The authors of the project said that the electric motorcycle will accelerate in 3.1 seconds from a standstill to 100 km / h, and the maximum speed will exceed 190 km / h In the urban cycle, the motorcycle will travel about 320 kilometers without recharging, and about 190 kilometers on the highway.
The Zenith helmet, which has a projection display, will be included along with the Arc Vector. It displays information for the driver, for example, speed, system status, and other information.
"We have always strived to create technologies that guarantee dynamics and safety, as well as provide an opportunity to receive unforgettable emotions from each trip. Vector is not a regular bike, He is the first all-electric cafe-racer in the world, which has an innovative helmet with a projection display and a touch suit. All components function as a single digital cluster, ”said Arc founder and President Mark Truman. InMotion support at the launch stage of our product. Representatives of the fund fully share our vision of the transport of the future, I hope we will continue to work on creating new unique products. "

British police will mark the hijackers with an invisible spray

What to do if a criminal on a motorcycle tries to hide and his face is hidden under a mask or helmet with a dark visor? Solution found. Law enforcement officials from South Tyneside and Sunderland began carrying around cans with an invisible UV spray that they tagged hijackers or offenders on off-road motorcycles. If, after some time, the experiment is deemed successful, this practice will be introduced throughout the UK.
SelectaDNA is a colorless water-based spray that can be marked with equipment, clothing or skin with invisible paint. Shades of paint in each police station will vary. Thus, this mark will be material evidence during the trial, to link the suspect with a specific crime.
The new spray is almost impossible to wash off, but it is clearly visible in the ultraviolet rays, therefore, you can mark the hijackers or thieves. This spray will not be able to buy ordinary citizens, SelectaDNA will offer kits for labeling their own vehicles.
The number of crimes that are associated with two-wheeled vehicles is constantly increasing in Northumbria (the region in which South Tyneside and Sunderland are located). Growth is observed every year. In 2017, 265 bicycles were stolen, and only 143 were returned, and only 20 criminals were caught, it turns out that most of the crimes are committed by a small group of people. For this reason, the police are confident that the new technique will make it possible to easily detect these people.
This year, an increase in the number of hijacked low-toothed (up to 125 cm3) scooters caused the owners to lock them on anti-theft locks. However, the local police intend to fight not only with thieves and hijackers, but also with riders who violate public order. Law enforcement officials have already begun to stop the enduro, most of which were stolen to order, for driving in public places.

New electric motorcycles Energica 2019

The full line of electric motorcycles Energica 2019 model year will have the following technical updates:

  • "Traction Control", which has the ability to configure six modes, combines a working eABS system and Bosch ABS for even more exciting, but safe control
  • "cruise control", which has an electronic braking system to maintain speed and increase braking energy
  • a new electronic "gas knob" that guarantees an increase in linearity and accuracy of torque control (new I system can catch the turn of the throttle per hundredth of a degree).

In addition, all motorcycles are equipped with heated steering knobs, which will operate in three different modes.
It is worth noting that in January, users will be able to receive an update of the software, which will make additional improvements in the charging system. For example, as a result of updating the software, in fast charging mode, motorcycles will “refuel” 15% faster. To date, battery charging up to 85% in this mode lasts 25 minutes. From a standard outlet to full charge, the motorcycle charges for 3.5 hours. After full charging in Eco mode, the bike will travel 200 kilometers.
At the same time, all motorcycles in standard equipment will be equipped with “fast charging”, a color 4.3-inch display, as well as four cards for the motor, which include Four driving modes: "City", "Eco", "Rain", "Sport". In addition, four regenerative braking modes are available, as well as a parking assistant. Standard equipment will include a USB port only on the Eva model, Eva 107 streetfiber and retro Eva EsseEsse9 models. As an additional option, it will be offered to future owners of the sport bike Ego.
For all models, the manufacturer provides a warranty period of two years, without mileage limit. Therefore, for the warranty service of a motorcycle, it does not matter how long it has passed. But for the battery there is a 3 year warranty or 50,000 km.
Due to Energica’s early participation in the MotoE project, as well as the release of a new, third Eva EsseEsse9 model, Energica records an important upswing. For the Italian company from Modena, the German market is key, since there are five dealers in the country. Apparently for the same reason, during the Intermot exhibition, the Energica Ego Corsa racing demo motorcycle was demonstrated together with the civil models of Energica electric motorcycles. It is worth noting that it was tested throughout the year, during the MotoGP calendar. The Ego Corsa motorcycle is the prototype on which the pilots of the future MotoE championship will compete.
It is noteworthy that the Ego Corsa does not have a clutch and gearbox, and the "green" heart of a racing motorcycle is a synchronous permanent magnet motor that has oil cooling. As a result, a maximum continuous power of 120 kW and a torque of 200 Nm are guaranteed. Up to 100 kilometers, the motorcycle accelerates in less than 2.8 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 270 km / h.

Upgraded KTM 690 Enduro R will be shown this fall

The information appeared on the Internet that the KTM 690 Enduro R 2019 will be equipped with a new power unit, the suspension and design will also be completely updated.
First of all, a completely new steel lattice frame is worth mentioning. In the photo, which got on the Internet, it is clear that the frame is very similar to the frame of the current model KTM 690 Enduro R. Perhaps minor changes will cause major improvements.
Regarding the engine, then most likely it will be an LC4 engine, since the current unit KTM 690 Enduro R does not fit Euro4 standards. Most likely on the dual-sport will be the motor Husqvarna 701 Enduro, issuing 74 liters. with. power.
In addition, the motorcycle will be equipped with the most modern electronics: Quickshift, corner ABS with off-road mode, modes, and so on. The best suspension option will be the WP Xplor system.
The novelty will be presented at one of two exhibitions: EICMA or Intermot.

Aktivo Scoot – a unique electric scooter from Barcelona

The main distinguishing features of the electric two-wheeled Aktivo Scoot, from similar models, are in the outboard wheels and rather interesting technical characteristics. The maximum speed is 30 km / h, with a weight of 13 kg. One recharge allows you to overcome almost 25 kilometers. It takes only 2 hours to fully charge. In addition, the novelty is able to drive up into the mountain at an angle of 20 degrees. The device has a high degree of protection against dust and moisture – “IP54.”
There is a small speedometer on the steering wheel, containing all the necessary indications, namely:

  • charge level
  • battery temperature.

In addition, on the steering wheel there is a supercompact diode headlamp, electronic "gas" levers and a horn. Present and handle "dual" brakes. It is double because the rear wheel brakes mechanically due to pressing the brake lever, and the front wheel stops electronically by receiving the appropriate command from the sensors on the brake lever. The scooter has ceramic brakes. In the process of braking on the rear wheel, the integrated brake light blinks.
When buying a scooter, owners will be offered the AKTIVO App, which will allow you to connect to the scooter via Bluetooth and monitor its battery status, adjust the device to suit your driving style, for example , "FUN" or "ECO". The electric scooter will be sold in two colors – “arctic white” and “cosmic gray.”
It is noteworthy that a team of enthusiasts collected assets for the development of this two-wheeled transport on the Kickstarter crowdfunding resource. The developers needed 32,500 euros, but the resource helped to collect 100,000. The scooter’s mass production will begin this month. The purchase will cost 560 euros.