When the first motorcycle appeared

People who appreciate motorcycles can not be indifferent to their history. In this article we will talk about what was the very first motorcycle and when it appeared. The history of motorcycles began not so long ago, in the 19th century, with the creation of the first motorcycle on a steam engine. However, it is difficult to call it a real motorcycle, since this motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle whose heart is ICE.

The first motorcycle in the world

Many are interested in the question – which first motorcycle was invented and where? The answer is unequivocal – the first motorcycle with ICE was invented by Gottlieb Daimler. The patent for his invention, he designed in 1885 and it was called "The cart for riding with a kerosene engine." It is noteworthy that the designer of the motorcycle was inspired by the rider.
This unit was equipped with a wooden frame and belt transmission. The motor consisted of only one cylinder, capable of developing a capacity of 0.5 liters. from. The volume of such an engine reached 264 cubic meters. see On the wheels was a metal rim, and the spokes developer created from wood. The weight of the first motorcycle was 50 kg, and could go at a speed of no more than 12 km / h.
The first motorcycle looked more like a modern two-wheeled bicycle with safety wheels. Without the safety wheels, the trip would not have happened, because the technical characteristics did not allow to keep the balance while driving.
It is interesting that the development of the first motorcycle did not give a serious impetus to the development of the industry. The second motorcycle was designed only in 1912-1914. Models differed not only in design features, but also in the source of the driving force, they were gas, electric and even steam.
Magazine published the first Paris-Rouen arrival in 1894, which could include any transport that has mechanical drive on wheels. Within the limits of arrival the record speed – 20 km / h has been reached. After that, the first motorcycle received public recognition. However, a clear division of the machines and motorcycles of all mechanized crews occurred only in the next century.

Further development of the industry

The next development was Hildebrand & Wolfmuller which was released in 1895. On this model was installed a two-cylinder engine, which had a volume of 1498 cubic meters. see Such a power unit developed power to 2.5 liters. from. And the maximum speed was increased almost four times, in comparison with the first motorcycle, to 45 km / h. However, their production lasted only a few years, because they were not in demand.
In 1901 the third in history motorcycle, created by the company NSU, was presented to the general public. Its speed reached 40 km / h, and the weight was 38 kg. On this motorcycle was installed brand motor Tsedel, which developed a capacity of 1.25 liters. from. The power unit was mounted under a bicycle frame. The drive was also belt, which connected with the rear wheel. Interestingly, the pedals were used as a drive.
After that, a mini-coup takes place in the history of motorcycles with the development of the first American motorcycle brand "Indian."
Very interesting is the fact of using a pipe with a larger diameter instead of a bicycle frame. On this pipe was the battery of the ignition system. In addition, instead of the usual belt transmission was used chain, despite the fact that the chain could tear at the start from the place.
The engine was placed directly under the seat. The volume of the engine was 260 cubic meters. see a similar engine was able to give a power level of 1.75 liters. from. It used an automatic intake valve. The power unit had one cylinder, however it worked in four strokes. The fuel tank was also installed in an unusual place, namely on the rear wing. A few years later, a 310 cubic meter of motor was put on the same motorcycle. see also the capacity of 2.25 liters.
The next couple of years experts call the calm before the storm in the history of motorcycles. The breakthrough was made by Joseph Merkel, who developed the Milwaukee Merkel motorcycle, which had a loop-like frame with a single-cylinder engine and a leather belt drive. It is noteworthy that he designed such a motorcycle in 1902, but using a diamond-shaped frame. However, such a design was inconvenient for mounting the motor, for this reason the official date of appearance of the motorcycle is 1903.
It was on this bike came to see two guys from Milwaukee who had already tried to make a motorcycle earlier. Their names are Harley and Davidson.
As early as the following year 1904, they introduced their motorcycle, which was named Harley-Davidson. The motor they installed a volume of 405 cu. cm. They used a flywheel with a diameter of 23.5 cm and a weight of 12.7 kg.
After this, several attempts were made to create motorcycles that did not last long on the motor. It is worth noting 1923, in which the world saw a motorcycle from the company BMV – R 32. It is interesting that the company BMV was previously engaged in the manufacture of engines for aircraft, but at the end of the First World War, the management decided to finish the manufacture of engines and to create motorcycles.
Their attempt was very successful. It is thanks to this model that European manufacturers are again at the forefront of making two-wheeled vehicles. On this motorcycle was installed power unit BMW M2B33, the volume of 486 cubic meters. see, and for cooling used the air system. The motor was able to develop a capacity of 8.5 liters. from. At the same speed reached 95 km / h. Also, the developers used a box that has three transmissions. The front brakes were drum-type, and the rear brakes were block brakes. The consumption of gasoline reached three liters per 100 km.