The American made a motorcycle house on wheels

It is worth noting that MotoHome is the graduation project of Jeremy Carmen, a senior student at the School of Architecture at the University of Southern California. In the idea of ​​Carmen, in order to collect a camper, you need to mount the superstructure with a bed instead of the rear part of the motorcycle.
For this "native" pendulum is replaced by a unique one, which is twice as long. At the core, the student used the Honda CB road bike, but supplemented it with a more sturdy front fork from the cross Honda CR500.
Jeremy Carmen is raising funds for the project through the GoFundMe's crowfinding service. To date, of the five thousand dollars that are needed for the construction of a camper, about 2700 dollars have been collected. The first prototype has already been created.
According to Carmen, the insulated residential module has a weight of only 16 kilograms, which will not have a strong influence on the handling of the motorcycle. A sub-frame, the base on which the "sleeping bag" is mounted, at the same time is the capacity for the products.
Upon completion of the construction of the two-wheel motorhome, the student intends to test it on a trip to South America. He intends to get on a motorcycle to the southernmost tip of the continent. The author of the project promised to constantly conduct live broadcasts from his journey.