Motorcycles Izh revive in the electric version

The authors of the project claim that motorcycles are their own project. However, the skeptics noticed a rather serious similarity between the novelty and the Chinese motorcycle Bashan BS250.
Similar sizes and sizes differ from the "Chinese" only because of minor design changes – after all, the layout of the electric motorcycle is not the same as in the classical version.
Indirectly the fact of copying is confirmed by the fact that the company that produced original motorcycles IZH "died" back in 2008.
It should be noted that the IZH power unit is a brushless DC electric motor from the Chinese company Golden M otor, which has a "maximum 30-minute power" of 15 kW, and the batteries are of three types: lithium-ferrophosphate, lithium-ion or lithium-polymer. One main battery is located above the motor, and one or two additional batteries are in the trunks.
The developers said that such motorcycles will appear on the streets this year: from 50 to 60 such motorcycles will be used on the streets during the World Cup .