What are filters for motorcycles

Today, the motorbike offers many options for oil and air filters for various motor vehicles. In this article we will try to understand what kinds of filters exist and what they are needed for.

Air filters

Everyone knows that in the engine of a motorcycle, in the course of its operation, not only gasoline burns, but a mixture of gasoline and air The correct proportion is prepared by the carburettor. Without access to oxygen, gasoline can not catch fire. In the event that the fuel, before entering the motor, passes through a fine fuel filter, the air filter cleans the air. Without an air filter, the air cleaning will not be complete and the dust entering the engine will cause premature wear.
The air filter for the zero resistance motorcycle is tuned to its technique. These types of filters increase engine power, since the motor "breathes" more freely, and it does not need to overcome air resistance at the inlet. However, these filters do a poor job of filtering air, therefore, the motor wears out more rapidly. Thus, it is advisable to use "zero-point" filters only on sports equipment, when you need to win the competition, and the engine resource goes to the background.
Another function of the motor is to reduce the engine's volume level. Masters who often disassemble the body of an air filter of a motorcycle know that its device is not as simple as it seems at first glance. In the case there are cameras and partitions. In fact, the filter housing is specifically designed in such a way as to take part in damping the sound of the engine, together with the silencer.
What kind of air filter can be used on a motorcycle? There are several types of air filters:

  • foam filters that are impregnated with oil. Similar filters for motorcycles are used for vehicles that are in dirty conditions. The oil is used for filtration. Foam is used only for support and as a base for oil. For proper operation of the filter, the foam must be impregnated with oil. To clean the filter, it must be rinsed several times with solvent and squeezed out before drying
  • fabric filters. These air filters are made of special fabric, namely – from gauze, which is located inside the metal case. Such filters are well proven in the process of operation, they guarantee a good airflow. The filter is also filled with oil. To clean it you need to use soap and water. Do not forget to dry it well before lubricating with oil. With proper care, the filter will last you a long time
  • paper filters. Such filters for motorcycles are used mainly for street motorcycles. However, their work stops after getting wet. Any moisture falling on the filter, contributes to the loss of efficiency, which is restored after drying. Their cleaning is carried out by blowing air through the ventilation holes or folded valves.

Oil filters

After changing the oil and buying a new oil filter for the motorcycle before the opening of the motor season, you will achieve a high level of performance of your iron horse. However, many car owners forget to replace the filter element, bypassing only the purchase of a new oil.
The oil filter for a motorcycle is a product for cleaning various types of oils, as well as hydraulic fluids that are used in motor vehicles. Very often the motorcycle is subjected to high and long loads, and therefore the motor must be kept clean. In time, replace filter products – then use competently any type of vehicle.
The first oil filter was created in 1923 by Ernest Sweetland and George Ginhalde. They created an incomplete threading device. Only a small fraction of the oil passed through the filter, and most of the liquid flowed directly into the engine.
It was only 20 years later that the first version of the full-flow filtration element was created, in which the entire volume of liquid was filtered before filtering into the engine. To date, some systems operate with the use of both types of filters, exploiting the advantages of each option.
The oil filter consists of the following parts:

  • openings through which the oil enters
  • outlet
  • oil filter housing
  • filter
  • spring
  • bypass valve
  • check valve
  • O-ring.

All filters are divided into the following categories:

  • oil filters for coarse cleaning. Such filters are suitable for small cubes. Filtering helps to retain the largest fractions, by passing a liquid through a mesh of plastic or metal. Installation of such filters is often carried out with a constant oil change or in such engines in which the purification system consists of several filters
  • open oil filters. They have a similar design with air filtration products and are distinguished by a special cleaning fiber that deters unwanted particles from entering the motor
  • filters in a rigid casing. Such products are created in the form of a closed glass made of metal, which is screwed into the nominal area of ​​the motor. These filters differ in the dimensions of the filtration components and threads. To positive qualities is to add a convenient design that allows a short time to make a replacement.

When choosing a filter, pay attention to its body. It must be firm and not lose shape when pressed, because the filter is affected by the force of the oil pressure, as well as the differences in atmospheric pressure associated with changing weather.
Regardless of the shape of the filter, pay attention to the O-ring, which must be made of elastic rubber to achieve a more tight fit.
The high-quality oil filter has a spongy structure. On the modern motor there is a large number of different versions of oil and air filters. Particular attention should be paid to quality, reliability, and firm-manufacturer. Products of proven brands guarantee the proper performance of products.