In Europe falls the popularity of malokubaturnyh scooters

At the same time, the implementation of scooters in the segment of small cubatures, which have motors of up to 50 cc, fell by 40.2%. Only 37 071 new malokubaturny scooter was registered during the first three months of the year in European countries. While the sale of motorcycles with a motor capacity of more than 50 cc, not only did not fall, but on the contrary, increased by 4.7% – to 203,853 units.
Italy became the largest market in the implementation of new motorcycles in January-March this year. The second place was occupied by France, the third by Germany, the fourth by Spain, and the fifth by the United Kingdom.
Regarding mopeds, France occupies the first place in the European market. The second line was occupied by the Netherlands, the third Italy, the fourth Belgium, and the fifth Spain. Unfortunately, in all these countries there is a decline in sales, which is expressed in double digits. The most severe drop was recorded on the territory of France – 41.5%.
Experts explain the decrease in the number of sold mopeds by the explosive growth of the popularity of electric motorcycles and electric scooters – the sales of environmentally friendly vehicles increased by almost 52% or 8,281 copies in the first quarter of Europe
In addition, analysts emphasize that many people who used mopeds used to do today are increasingly choosing different techniques for electric traction. After all, this technique does not need registration – various monocoques, electric bikes, electric scooters, etc. – and for this reason this fact is not reflected in statistics at all.