Swimming through Naru

I have long wanted to cross the Naru river for a wade, but I still could not find a suitable place where I could move without snorkels (which I do not have) and without fear of drowning. Although for the ATV, the water ingress into the engine is not fatal (in 99% of cases it is enough to drain water from everywhere and rinse the crankcase by repeatedly changing the oil), the problem is that I ride alone and nobody pulls me out of the wilderness.

I saw the ruts going to Naru, but trying to get in there, I had to immediately retreat, because the depth exceeded my possibilities. No, it’s scary alone.

But finally I found the right place where everyone drives on quadrics and jeeps. And in the future I often skated here to wash the dirt off the ATV.
Of course, such a swimming is a pretty serious obstacle, try to push a few hundred liters of water in front of you. The gas has to be squeezed out as much as possible, because it is necessary for the washing to be well boiled.

As for the safety of the maneuver, there is nothing terrible here for the ATV. It has 3 critical points through which water can potentially enter.

The first is the air intake of the engine. The suction pipe is located on the elevation under the seat closer to the front. But this pipe does not lead directly to the carburetor. It leads to a filter box, a relatively sealed box with a capacity of a couple of liters, where the air filter is located. That is, to get water into the engine, first you need to fill this box.

The second is the input for the air cooling of the variator. Since the operation of the variator is based on friction, it must be cooled very well, which is done through continuous blowing. The entrance is located under the “hood” in front of the ATV. It is also protected (to some extent) from insignificant water ingress. But if the water gets inside, the belt will slip on the pulleys and the ATV will lose its course.

Finally, the air-cooling outlet pipe is under the left rear wing, it is also located quite high, and it is simply impossible to fill it with water

Therefore, if you do not dive above the seat or level of the headlights, pour something unrealistic. But, of course, these are critical levels, and it is better not to approach them, because when crossing a water obstacle, there is never any certainty of what awaits you in a half meter.

Beauty! The quad is again pure and happy. But you can not always so calmly take and swim the river. For example, after abundant autumn rains, Nara adds 30 or 40 centimeters in the depth of the centimeter, and this is completely beyond my quad.

In the summer, on hot days, people bathe here. At such times, of course, I do not swim here either.