On the ATV in puddles

The autumn of 2017 was rainy. So rainy that the water was, just like in the spring. Often I had to drive right in the rain, which, in fact, is not at all scary and quite comfortable: the main thing is that it is properly equipped. So I quickly figured out what was what, and realized that the more water and dirt – the better the weather for riding on the quad.

I accidentally discovered a good camouflaged forest quadrothropa with an abundance of puddles! In one of them I even almost drowned: the ATV tilted to the right side and stalled (I did not keep track of the gasoline was not enough, and when the level was tilted, it was below the fuel pipe). At first I was frightened, but then with the help of a winch I pulled out a square to the shore and then got hooked. Unfortunately, I did not photograph this terrible event (it was not up to that).

The wooded ruts flooded with water, though at first look stern, but have no difficulty in overcoming themselves. But these photos cause an effect in those who did not ride a quadric:)

Water is not mud, it is impossible to get stuck in it. And my CF500A is like a tractor. However, it is in fact a tractor.

However, under the water there may be obstacles – stones, glands, branches. They are able to pierce the wheel or even rip it off the drive. And if at a speed to fly on a hummock, the quad bike can turn over. All this should be remembered and never be poked into unfamiliar puddles at high speed.

And in well-studied puddles you can go and like this all sides fly a spray, it’s super. A small video (though already from the November series):
When it rains in the forest, the drops create air bubbles on the surface of the puddle. In the forest in the rain, it’s cozy, of course, if you wear a waterproof jacket.

It’s especially nice to ride in the rain, since there’s almost no one on the street. And in the forest you can meet only half-crazy mushroom pickers. However, I think they also consider me half crazy. And once I met tourists on Nara, who sat in the rain in the tent for at least 3 days. I do not know how they got out back on their non-drive Corolla, because the road was thoroughly depleted.

I really enjoyed riding the puddles. But that was not mud. The mud came later …