Classification of ATVs

Farmers call these machines mini-tractors, hunters, selected from forest debris with a rich booty – ATVs. The whole world knows them as ATV – All Terrain Vehicles – a vehicle for off-road driving, and in Russia they are better known as ATVs.

The evolution from the progenitor – a motorcycle to four-wheel ATV passed in less than half a century. Their immediate ancestor was a tricycle, which in 1970 was developed by one of the famous Japanese companies. True, at home the invention at first somehow did not stick. In the tricycles that were positioned as household helpers, the Japanese did not see the main thing – the opportunities for them to “tear themselves off”. However, when they were on California beaches, as tricycles waited not just a deafening success, but a real sensation. They rushed along the golden sand like unbroken mustangs. The desire to ride tricycles often cost the health of their owners – at the first steep turn, they strove to throw off the rider.

ATV Since the advent of the fourth wheel in 1982, ATVs have become more stable. Securing the machines for this feature, the engineers began to select them. And soon it was possible to choose an ATV in proportion to the goal. Since that moment, their victorious march across the world was already impossible to stop – ATV firmly won the sympathy of an increasing number of people. Along with the “workhorses” there were tourist, sports and even children’s ATVs.

The ATV classification is rather conventional, but there are some significant differences between the ATV classes, both in appearance and design. Quad bikes designed for work on the plot can be immediately recognized by large trunks in front and behind, as well as all kinds of attachments. They are able to clean snow, cut lawns, plow land, pull a trailer with a crop to the nearest market.

Children’s ATVs are compact in size, the presence of automatic transmission, less powerful motors. Most children’s ATVs are designed for teenagers 12-16 years. However, there are also models for the younger age: they provide remote engine shutdown and maximum speed control.

Quadrocycles, “sharpened” for sports, are distinguished by aggressive design. These rear-wheel-drive ATVs are equipped with a long-haul energy-intensive suspension that “completes” the landing after the jump, and is designed for high speeds.

Touring ATVs are machines designed to overcome serious off-road conditions. They are equipped with powerful engines, have a four-wheel drive, a transfer box with a downshift. Their wide wheels with low-pressure tires will pass through snow, sand, dehydrated mud. This versatility of ATVs favorably differs from their “relatives” – motorcycles and snowmobiles, the use of which is seasonal.

ATV Looking at tourist ATVs, there is a feeling that for them the laws of physics do not apply: ATV can do everything – to overcome any obstacle. For example, they can easily take a slope, where it is not easy to climb on foot, to overcome a swamp or even a deep river. No, he does not know how to move on the water, but it’s enough to place him under the inflated camera under each bridge and the driver can swim, pushing it in front of him. Causing at first irony of the owners of brutal jeeps, small and unpretentious in appearance quad bikes proved their worth, participating in the most difficult off-road competitions – trophy raids.

Touring ATVs today firmly established not only in the garages of the owners of country houses. Even small recreation centers, not to mention large boarding houses, have several units of rolling equipment and organize short contemplative walks in their picturesque surroundings. Quad bikes are involved in paintball battles and add a twist to corporate recreation in nature.

At the beginning of this century, having survived another stage of evolution, ATVs ceased to be machines for egoists. To take along a nice companion or companion, now it’s enough to have one long-bodied ATV. Engineers put the passenger behind him in the driver’s seat, installing a stepped seat, the natural extension of which was a comfortable back. The two-level position of the riders provides the passenger with an excellent view. This model of the ATV helps to assess people far from off-road raids, all the charm and excitement of traveling to ATV.

Standing in a traffic jam on the crowded artery of the metropolis, we sometimes reflect on the possibility of doing something that will allow us to rise above the iron logic of technological progress, to feel strong and free.

The ATV gives this chance …