The "Martian" journey (to the quarry)

Once in the process of pokatushek I found a very interesting place: the old sand pit. The quarry is very small, but I did not see such people before. Once here sand was mined, but now the quarry has long been abandoned, but the road to the cars is blocked to him, which prevents him from quickly littering and taking away.

I did not know about the road at all, calmly approached my career on the side, climbed up the crevice , and then I saw a shocking picture: a Martian landscape. Everywhere greens, grass, and here – lifeless mountains of yellow color. Some kind of rubbish, red clay, yellow sands.

Of course, it’s impossible to transfer the scale to the photo (yes, I also took the phone), sorry.

At the bottom of the quarry – two lakes muddy clay-sandy . I did not know if it was possible to ride there, if clay would not suck, so I carefully went downstairs. Not sucked. Although I was afraid to get into the water directly

The sand is dense, the quadric on it rides well. But if you want, you can also dig in, there is a switch off the all-wheel drive and clamp the front brake.

There is even some vegetation around the lake. One trouble: to the boots clay with sand sticks instantly. Therefore, I then have to wash my feet for a long time in the stream.

In the summer, in the hot season, I discovered that the dirty lake is used by animals, coming here for watering. Here is an imprint of a fox (and maybe a dog):

Here is the trace of a wild boar, there are a lot of wild boars

And this was marched by different birds: a duck and a crane

My rover also left his traces on the sand:

An old abandoned excavator was found near the quarry.


Well, I have to go home. After all, along the way, it is still necessary to launder the quadric and boots in the stream.