Bikers staged chaos on the American road

On Saturday, Boston’s 911 service received a lot of calls about a group of 20-30 motorcyclists who terrorized the streets of the city and wreaked havoc on the tracks. After that, representatives of law enforcement agencies decided to conduct a special operation, and tried to detain all participants of a dangerous race. 

Several police units watched closely the motorcycle racers, but did not intervene until they were on one of the highways, which is surrounded by concrete blocks. This, in the opinion of the police, was to prevent hooligans from escaping detention.
As a result, several police cars blocked traffic from both sides on the side of the highway where motobanda was moving. However, a motorcycle is not a car, and most of the bikers are just throwing their vehicles across the dividing barrier. When the police began to detain, some bikers also resisted. I even had to shoot. As a result, three people were injured.
As a result of the operation, seven hooligans were detained. All were released on bail pending trial. Also, more than 20 units of various motor vehicles were also seized. Among the charges brought against the driving of an unregistered vehicle, resistance to law enforcement officers. The age of the detainees is from 22 to 31 years.